Katy Perry felicita a Beth Behrs

Katy Perry congratulates Beth Behrs

Katy Perry congratulates Beth Behrs

Praise from above

wantedon October 29, 2014 | 13:37

In the series “2 Broke Girls”, Beth Behrs plays the young Caroline Channing, a daughter of wealthy society who suddenly has to become a waitress because she is struggling with money problems. In real life, however, Beth Behrs is much more realistic, sometimes wearing boots with a dress, an appearance that Katy Perry recognizes.

Katy Perry knows fashion

In contrast to her character on “2 Broke Girls,” Beth Behrs is anything but scrupulous when it comes to her choice of clothing.: “Caroline doesn’t even wear pajamas without wearing high heels; I love a good pair of Louboutins on the red carpet, but I’m more youthful, “said Beth Behrs in an interview with the” Hollywood Reporter “and continues: “She’s more of the pearl type, I’m more like, ‘Oh, there’s horse manure on my shoes.’ Is it surprising that Katy Perry noticed the style of the star of the series?

During a barbecue, Katy Perry noticed the summer dress that Beth Behrs had bought at the vintage store “Reformation.” The 28-year-old received a grateful comment from the pop singer for her style: “She loved my dress and asked me where I got it from, so it has a special place in my heart. Because if Katy Perry likes it, I’m satisfied. Then it’s okay “.

Beth Behrs style was recognized

Katy Perry gave Beth Behrs a favorite moment

But Katy Perry isn’t the only star Beth Behrs met while filming “2 Broke Girls.” Kim Kardashian made a guest appearance in the first episode of the fourth season. “She was really pretty and cool,” says Beth Behrs, “She’s so beautiful, her skin, her face, her body is great. I was so surprised that he was down to earth and egoless. It’s so normal and fun and cool. ” Still, it was Katy Perry who gave Beth Behrs one of her favorite moments at said barbecue.

Beth Behrs is incredibly proud of the compliment Katy Perry paid her for her great looks. We can understand that, because who wouldn’t want to hear such accolades from the mouth of a superstar?

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