Katy Perry: "¡Tenía pensamientos suicidas!"

Katy Perry: “I was having suicidal thoughts!”

Katy Perry: "I was having suicidal thoughts!"

The otherwise strong woman of power sits tearfully with a television psychiatrist and looks incredibly fragile when she confesses: I love my life. But I live under a microscope. I chose this life, but it is not always easy to be the center of attention. ” Because sometimes Katy Perry just wants to be herself again: Katheryn Hudson. The two people feel completely different: “I want so much to be Katheryn Hudson that I no longer want to look like Katy Perry. This is also one of the reasons why I cut my hair. Katy Perry is so glamorous, rich, and successful. Like Katheryn Hudson, I have no money, I have no influence, I have nothing. “

Sad confession: Katy Perry had thought about committing suicide

Katy Perry has even had suicidal thoughts. Katy processed this into a song: “By the grace of God” from his previous album Prism. When the therapist asks if he can say a few lines, he bursts into tears and says, “It is difficult because I am ashamed to even think such thoughts and feel so depressed. “ But God and her family helped her through this difficult time. And not only that, the singer also had problems with alcohol, as she admitted. It’s no wonder the issues with Taylor Swift no longer seem major.

So sad, we hope the fun-loving singer gets better soon.

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