Katy Perry toma el metro para Nochevieja

Katy Perry takes the subway for New Years Eve

Katy Perry takes the subway for New Years Eve

new Year’s Eve party

wantedon 02/01/2015 | 11:22

Hollywood megastars can go to their New Years Eve party in the luxury limousine; we have always believed in that. This year, Katy Perry proved that there is another way. Instead of moving comfortably and anonymously through New York, the queen of pop chose the normal variant: Katy Perry took the subway to celebrate!

Katy Perry rides the subway

Riders on the New York subway should have been surprised on New Year’s Eve. After all, with a little luck, they might meet a real-world star on trains: Katy Perry left the luxury limousine, with which stars of her caliber typically traversed world history, in the garage earlier this year and used public transportation in the Big Apple to get to her party. The many friends who accompanied Katy Perry on her unusual trip and prepared with her for the New Year made sure that she did not get boring during the train ride.

Katy Perry has now posted a snapshot of the hustle and bustle on the New York subway on her Instagram account. With this, the singer not only showed that despite her worldwide success, she not only kept her feet on the ground, but also did something for the environment using public transport. After all, why should you blast through the canyons of Manhattan with a gasoline-guzzling PS monster when the subway takes you straight to the party venue? Katy Perry seems to have implemented her good resolutions for the new year in 2014.Katy Perry celebrates with Rita Ora

Rita Ora and Katy Perry in a party mood

At her New Years party, however, Katy Perry took it a bit more glamorous. Together with her good friend Rita Ora and many other members of high society, the 30-year-old celebrated the New Year, according to the noble club’s online portal “The Standard,” in which Rita Ora also encouraged guests with an exciting performance. However, the Brit still had enough time to get in the spotlight for a selfie with her chest friend Katy Perry …

You really should keep your eyes open when on the subway, especially in metropolises like New York. It seems that it can always happen there that Katy Perry suddenly gets on board …

Image source 1: © Instagram / katyperry Image source 2: © Instagram / ritaora