Katy Perry convierte a sus fans en "Left-Sharks"

Katy Perry turns her fans into “Left-Sharks”

I knew how!

wantedthe 04/03/2015 | 10:56

He was the secret star of Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance: the “Left Shark,” the dancer in a shark costume to the left of the pop princess, nearly stole the show from the American. Now Katy Perry apparently wants to cash in on it.

Katy Perry performs with The Left Shark

With its wild freestyle dance performance during Katy Perry’s halftime appearance at the legendary Super Bowl, the so-called “Left Shark” quickly became an internet joke. The video showing the exuberant dancer in a shark costume dancing alongside Katy Perry has been clicked and shared thousands of times on social media. The video’s viral success turned “Left Shark” into a cult following, including thousands of impersonators who were carried away in handcrafted shark costumes by wild dance routines and shared their own performances online.

Katy Perry has recognized the trend and now offers a shark jumpsuit on her home page. “Attention Internet: you no longer have to make left shark costumes like this guy yourself,” Katy Perry commented in a Twitter image showing one of her fans wearing a shark costume designed by herself. Fans of the “Dark Horse” performer don’t find this particularly funny.

Katy Perry does not give a coup

Katy Perry wants to sell this shark jumpsuit

The shark costume that Katy Perry wants to sell should cost just $ 130, the equivalent of just under 100 euros. – Too much, think the musician’s fans! “$ 129!?! DO YOU WANT TO FUCK ME !? ”Commented an outraged fan about the offer. Another said, “I can’t shit money, bring it down to $ 30.” The shark jumpsuit with the Katy Perry lettering on the back was certainly intended as a fun marketing idea, but now it seems to backfire entirely. We also find it more than questionable that Katy Perry would like to capitalize on the performance of the sharks. The singer shouldn’t bite into the fabric of hunger, so she doesn’t need the extra income from the sale of the shark monkey. We can understand that Katy Perry fans are upset about this.Image Source: TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / Getty Images / Katyperry.com