Katy Perry quiere anular su matrimonio con Russell Brand

Katy Perry wants to annul her marriage to Russell Brand

Katy Perry wants to annul her marriage to Russell Brand

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand were divorced a long time ago, and the singer still has a lot to do with the split from John Mayer. However, it is now a concern of Katy Perry to officially annul her already divorced marriage to Russell Brand.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have been officially divorced since 2012. The two stars were only married a little over a year. Although the divorce is long overdue, that doesn’t seem like enough for the successful singer. As “TheFIX” reports, Katy Perry now wants the marriage officially annulled. This would completely erase the marriage from all records and give Katy Perry the opportunity to remarry in the church.

Katy Perry wants her marriage to Russell Brand annulled

Marriage annulment is especially important to Katy Perry’s parents. They are both very religious and supposedly not entirely on board with the way their successful daughter has lived so far. So by annulling her marriage, Katy Perry would be doing her parents a huge favor.Katy Perry meets Russell Brand’s misunderstanding

Katy Perry did the math without her ex-husband. Russell Brand opposes the annulment of her marriage to the singer. He does not see the need for a cancellation, refuses to cooperate with Katy Perry and clings to the radio silence that has existed since their separation, continues to report “TheFIX.”

Even if Katy Perry is currently nibbling on the breakup with John Mayer, the fact that her divorce from Russell Brand doesn’t go far enough and that she would also like the marriage to be annulled could indicate that Katy Perry has another ecclesiastical. At least without excluding a wedding in the future. However, for that to work, Russell Brand would have to change his mind and accept a cancellation. We keep our fingers crossed for the successful singer.Image Source: © Getty Images / Dave J Hogan