Katy vs.  Taylor

Katy vs. Taylor

Katy vs.  Taylor

Katy Perry wants to show people the “real Taylor”

John Mayer, with whom he has an on-and-off relationship, is said to have finally advised Katy Perry not to go: “Katy had already booked the private jet, but at the last second she decided not to leave. John convinced her that it was a bad idea. Katy realized that she couldn’t bear to have the camera in her face all the time while Taylor Swift was winning all these awards and her friends were clapping for her too. “According to the magazine “Inguisitr”, Katy Perry still has an ace up her sleeve and cannot be easily ousted by Taylor. A source said: “Katy thinks revenge is best served cold. She is even more determined to show people who “the real Taylor” is. He’s written some great songs, hymn-like, with dirty details that John Mayer told him about his relationship with Taylor. Katy is sure that soon she will return to the top and that Taylor will regret putting on this stupid show. “

Funny: Katy Perry recently posted a photo as “Mom.” Look at the image of the video!