Kelly se rompe los pies

Kelly breaks her feet

Kelly breaks her feet

The rocker daughter has always suffered from the misalignment of her feet, an operation is inevitable in terms of health and has nothing to do with vanity or beauty. “I always postponed the operation because I know that then I will not be able to walk for at least a month.” But after intensive dance training for “Dancing with the Stars,” the situation has gotten so bad that Kelly has to undergo surgery.

The horror op

“You have to break the bones in my feet and then realign them”Kelly explains the procedure. Ex-Moppel’s feet are turned inward so your knees are always bumpy. This leads to incorrect stress on the joints. It is not known exactly when the bones should be broken.

Kelly wants to design fashion

The future plans of the Osbourne subsidiary are known for this: they want to enrich the world of fashion with their creations. “For me it is important to make clothes that are not inaccessible. They shouldn’t be things that only the rich can afford “Kelly Osbourne explains her drive to switch to design. We should be excited!

How do you imagine Kelly Osbourne fashion? Cool or too weird?