Kendall Jenner intimidado por sus colegas

Kendall Jenner bullied by her colleagues

Kendall Jenner bullied by her colleagues

Nasty jokes

wantedon 02/19/2015 | 10:28

It was rumored last year that Kendall Jenner was being bullied backstage by her fellow models. The Kardashian offspring contradicted the rumors, but now new rumors are emerging. Apparently Kendall Jenner was teased again at Fashion Week …

Back in the fall of last year, it was said that Kendall Jenner was being bullied by other models. “The other models worked very hard to get a spot on the runway. They think it’s unfair that she was there, “a source told” InTouch. ” Apparently, the models even put their cigarettes in Kendall Jenner’s drinks. “None of that happened. No way”However, he contradicted this in an interview with “Dazed” magazine. It’s unclear if that’s true or if the pretty brunette just wanted to distract herself, the bullying rumors are also gaining ground this year.

Kendall Jenner is being bullied behind the scenes

Also during New York Fashion Week this year, Kendall Jenner was said to have been teased, as revealed by an observer on the gossip site HollywoodLife. “Kendall is constantly bullied by other models. You feel like he’s wandering around like he’s better than everyone else. She did not have to fight for her career like everyone else, she gave it thanks to her famous family, “added the source. Also, the other models are said to make fun of Kendall Jenner’s appearance. “She is one of the most hated models of all the catwalks”the insider would like to know more.

Kendall Jenner is unpopular in modeling circles

Not only Kendall Jenner, but also her clique of friends is unpopular with the other models, according to the report. “Many of the other models can’t stand Kendall and her clique, which includes Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid., but they intimidate Kendall more ”, affirms the source. “They like to play bad jokes on them, like hiding their favorite hairspray and makeup. And they like to let her wander by telling her that someone is looking for her in the locker room, just before she has to go to the catwalk. That’s extremely insidious and petty, “reports the source on Kendall Jenner’s heavy modeling life.

Poor Kendall Jenner! Even if you didn’t have to work on your own success entirely, such nasty bullying attacks are truly unbearable. But she did a great job at New York Fashion Week!

Image Source: Photo by Cindy Ord / Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week