Kendall Jenner no quiere un trasero como el de Kim Kardashian

Kendall Jenner doesn’t want a butt like Kim Kardashian’s


wantedon 06/23/2015 | 12:50

It’s quite normal for little sisters to look up to their older brothers. But when it comes to physique, Kendall Jenner is now completely happy with her own slim figure, and she no longer looks envious of her famous sister Kim Kardashian’s curves. In contrast to the youngest member, Kylie Jenner…

Kendall Jenner likes her figure

In addition to her dark hair, Kris Jenner’s daughters have another characteristic in common: their plump curves and especially their oversized buttocks! But wait a minute, not all daughters are blessed with this distinctive part of the body. Kendall Jenner has a slim silhouette and is therefore a very popular model.which is reserved by the best designers. Therefore, there is no trace of envy in the 19-year-old, on the contrary: Kendall Jenner is very happy with the shape of her body!

“There was a time when Kendall Jenner wanted a butt like Kim’s. For an impressionable little sister, Kim was Kendall’s idol when it came to looks. But now that she has made a name for herself and established herself as a model, she has no desire for a big butt. “reported a source from the online portal “HollywoodLife” and went even further: “Kendall Jenner wants to be known by her face, not her butt!”

Kendall Jenner: your little sister Kylie has yet to find herself

While Kendall Jenner has already found her own identity and is very happy with herself, her two-year-old younger sister, Kylie Jenner, tries to be like Kim Kardashian. “Kylie feels under tremendous pressure to compete with Kim”, an alleged insider knows how to report to “HollywoodLife”. No one should ask her to emulate her sexy older sister, Kylie Jenner can’t help it: “She sees herself in Kim and wants to be like her.” The 17-year-old has already sprayed her lips and rumors have spread that breast implants will soon be added.

If you look at the Instagram photos of Kylie Jenner, it becomes clear that she is deliberately presented very sexy, always dressed in light clothes and holding her advantages, which, unlike Kendall, are quite curvy, on camera.

We are very happy that Kendall Jenner is so satisfied with herself and that she has found her own ideal body regardless of her sisters. We can only hope that Kylie Jenner can do it soon, without looking left or right.

Image Source: Getty Images / Michael Loccisano