Kendall Jenner: ¿está saliendo con Nick Jonas?

Kendall Jenner: is she dating Nick Jonas?

Kendall Jenner: is she dating Nick Jonas?

Dream couple in spe

wantedon 06/08/2015 | 14:22

She is an internationally sought-after model and increasingly manages to emerge from the shadow of her half-sister Kim Kardashian; Not for nothing, Kendall Jenner is one of the most sought-after singles in show business. But possibly the marital status of the dark-haired beauty could now have changed. Apparently Kendall Jenner should get along remarkably well with Nick Jonas …

Kendall Jenner: just in love?

Are Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas Hollywood’s Next Dream Couple? At least one member of the celebrity magazine “Us Weekly” seems to be pretty sure of this. According to this, Kendall’s model colleague Gigi Hadid, who is with Nick’s brother Joe, played Cupid and introduced herself to the two. “Gigi always wants Kendall around. She thinks it would be fun for everyone to hang out together. “reported the alleged source close to Kendall Jenner.

Apparently, Gigi Hadid’s calculation worked. Already in the first meeting of the four stars it should have crackled between Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas. “The chemistry between the two was correct from the beginning,” revealed the insider. In any case, Gigi’s commitment to love comes at exactly the right time. After all, not only has Kendall Jenner been waiting for the prince of her dreams for some time, Nick Jonas has also returned after nearly two years of relationship since June.: “Nick is single and wanted to go out again. There was an obvious pull between them. He thinks it’s absolutely hot. “

Kendall Jenner: When did you get engaged to Nick Jonas?

Nick Jonas takes it easy

An official statement regarding the dating rumors about Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas has been released so far, as have the first images of the romance to come. It might take a bit of time before these show up, because apparently the would-be lovebirds want to allow themselves a break before going public with their relationship. “When they are ready and it becomes official, we will also see the first photos”, the supposed acquaintance of Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner is already arousing expectation.

Young, beautiful, and extremely successful: In our eyes, Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas would make a beautiful couple. So we can’t wait to see the first photos of the two of them …

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