Kesha: ¿Fue abusada por su productor?

Kesha: Was she abused by her producer?

Kesha: Was she abused by her producer?

Abuse scandal?

wantedon October 15, 2014 | 14:54

Kesha is known as a crazy and crazy singer who turns every party into a highlight with her good humor. But after her bulimia breakout, another shocking revelation followed: Kesha accuses her producer of sexual assault.

Due to alleged problems with drugs and alcohol, Kesha made headlines several times. But after her last stay in rehab, the singer wanted to live scandal-free. Now Kesha is back in the spotlight of the press due to a scandal. In this case, she is not the defendant, but her former producer, Dr. Hatch. The celebrity portal “TMZ” has now obtained information about the shocking documents that Kesha presented to the court.

Kesha accuses her producer of abuse

Inside are incredible revelations: Dr. Luke allegedly abused Kesha verbally, physically, sexually, and emotionally. The incidents are said to have occurred ten years ago, when the singer was only 18 years old, but Dr. During this time, Luke Kesha offered her pills several times, after which she woke up naked in her bed with no recollection. Before a flight, the producer is also said to have forced Kesha to smell a substance and then even bought it. With the words “You’re not that pretty, you’re not that talented, you’re just lucky to have me”, the producer is said to have pressured Kesha. Kesha: Your producer denies the accusations.

According to “TMZ,” Dr. However, Luke did not let the serious accusations fall on him. Just hours after Kesha filed her lawsuit, he sued her too. His lawsuit is supposed to be a campaign in which terrible and false statements are published, he says in his statement. Apparently Kesha just wanted to break her contract with the accusations. Also, Dr. According to Luke, they have tried to blackmail him with these serious accusations in the past. The court must decide who is right and who is wrong.

If the shocking allegations are true and Dr. Luke Kesha actually abused him verbally, physically, sexually, and emotionally for ten years, the producer must be prepared for heavy punishment. However, if the abuse allegations are a means of breaking the contract, Kesha attracts not only the displeasure of the court, but also that of the fans.Image Source: Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images