Kim: flashes en los pezones

Kim: flashes on the nipples

Kim: flashes on the nipples

Today we saddled the horse from behind and started the decision walk at the end of the show, because here was a real novelty! Kim took off her dark green dress and her right breast was uncovered for a long time. But Kim wouldn’t be Heidi’s favorite if she hadn’t mastered this situation professionally as usual. The blonde did not change her face and just straightened the dress the next time. If your friend Alexander, also known as “Honey“Does it look so loose? After all, Kim’s new short hairstyle looked like a middleweight drama after the makeover. Magazine Gala the male model asked immediately. But instead of romping around like Rumpelstiltskin, breaking something or even blaming Kim, he (allegedly) laughed heartily when Kim sent him the photos via WhatsApp. “I’m pretty relaxed about things like that. After all, she didn’t bounce half naked at a pool party with other guys. ” explains their reaction. Then everything is fine! And honestly, he shouldn’t have allowed such an embarrassing reaction …

But now let’s go back to the beginning, because a great opportunity awaited the girls: whoever wins the Maybelline casting can apply at Berlin Fashion Week. Luana can convince the jury (Miss Bella is also there and of course Boris Entrup). For Luana it is already the second job after filming the cover of “Shape”. Julia gets off “Black Team” real competition now? Backstage, she meets Steffi Giesinger on the Maybelline Show, who asks her if Heidi made her hair red. It’s kinda funny. Luana masters her debut on the runway with great success and is even allowed to close the show.

While Luana Still enjoying the applause, the other girls on the other side of the world are shocked. In Sydney, bunk beds await you in a hostel instead of a villa. Not only is it tight, Julia is also totally ill and Camilla still has foot problems. Oh dear A real sickbed.

Filming takes place in the jungle. When the girls are waiting for the test (haha it’s a nudity session, how disgusting of the show), a mega-intrusive Papparzzi has been jumping around them the entire time. (You can see the photos here!). That’s part of the job, Heidi explains, but she doesn’t find it so much fun anymore when girls just have to shoot nipple glue covers, self-adhesive briefs, and wild animals. Not everyone thinks it’s so funny, but Fata refuses to take off her underwear. Out of respect for his parents and his religion. Nor does it have to. Heidi gives her an albino cat as a shooting partner, which is so big that you would not have seen it if Fata had left her bathrobe. Laura Franziska doesn’t want to undress either, but then she does. That doesn’t go down well. You have to keep your word and thus find others.

Decision walk: Against the dreamlike backdrop of the Syndey opera, the girls present noble robes by Michael Castello. You have to gracefully step out of a limousine and take the perfect red carpet ride. Tears flow in advance. Julia behaves in an absolutely unprofessional manner, she asks the designer for a different dress and does not listen. He is amazed and disappointed. In the end, however, only Lara-Kristin doesn’t make the jump to the next show.

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