Kim Hnizdo comparte contra "Miel" afuera

Kim Hnizdo shares against "Honey" outside

Kim Hnizdo shares against "Honey" outside

(13.11.2016) Also this year the will to move to the Australian jungle was there again among 12 candidates and they are:

Markus Majowski: The actor is known for the movie “The 7 dwarfs.”

Nicole Mieth: He played Kim Wolf in “Forbidden Love.”

Thomas Häßler: former German footballer

Gina Lisa Lohfink: former GNTM star

Florian Wess: aka a botox guy

Marc Terenzi: Singer of the boy band Natural and ex-husband of Sarah Connor

Nastassja Kinski: German actress who also shot in France and Hollywood.

Jens Büchner: a goodbye candidate from Germany from Mallorca

Sarah Joelle Jahnel: The last time he got naked was in “Adam sucht Eva”.

Hanka Rackwitz: Real estate agent who became known for “rent, buy, live.”

Miss “Menke”: Singer of the “Neue Deutsche Welle”

And finally – Alexander Keen, further “Honey”called: We all know him.

We can hardly wait for January 13!

Jungle Camp 2017: “Honey” is there!

Jungle Camp 2017 definitely promises a lot of entertainment, if only for this candidate! Now he has revealed that none other than Alexander Keen, aka “Honey,” wants to try his luck in the Australian jungle. We are already very excited and await your wisdom around the campfire …

OMG, you can imagine who has to bathe in roaches often or feed kangaroo testicles: Honey! Why “Mr. Hessen” Not only has he caught on when he tried to give his ex-girlfriend and Germany’s upcoming top model Kim Hnizdo modeling tips and dissected the short haircut Heidi had missed in front of the camera.