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Kim Kardashian chooses her favorite outfit from 2014

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wantedon 07/01/2015 | 17:01

Kim Kardashian loves fashion more than anything – her outfits are always a talking point. Even if Charlie Sheen recently made it clear that he’s probably not a fan of the It girl, the pretty brunette isn’t bothered by other people’s opinions. Hence, Kim Kardashian featured her favorite outfit from last year on Instagram and is already announcing new fashion highlights.

Kim Kardashian loves fashion

Kim Kardashian doesn’t care about her appearance – she always looks stylish at press meetings and on the red carpet. But the pretty brunette also likes to show what she has to offer in her private life. Most recently, the 34-year-old modeled alongside her husband Kanye West for a French fashion brand. Even her own “Dash” business, which Kim Kardashian runs with her sisters, can’t complain about the lack of attention.

Kim Kardashian especially liked an outfit from last year. A sexy Givenchy designer black dress is at the top of her favorites list. The sexy outfit only seems to consist of a body and a see-through skirt that reveals a lot of skin.

Kim Kardashian introduces her favorite designer

Kim Kardashian in a designer piece

The Givenchy brand seems to be playing a huge role in Kim Kardashian lately anyway. She has often been seen wearing clothes from the French fashion company. Apparently Kanye West is said to have advised his wife to primarily wear this brand. In any case, the proposal seems to have worked. With the words “This Givenchy outfit could be my favorite outfit of 2014” Kim Kardashian reminded her fans of the designer piece. At the same time, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” actress announced that she was already looking forward to the next season: “I’m ready for new looks in the new year!” A fashion victim like Kim Kardashian can’t get enough of the fashion world.

Kim Kardashian likes sexy and seductive: even if she is often allowed to hear critical comments about her outfits, the pretty brunette does not get discouraged and remains true to her style. This is why fans love their idol so much.

Image Source 1: Getty Images / Kevin Winter Image Source 2: Kim Kardashian / Instagram