Fracasos de Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian failures

Kim Kardashian failures

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wantedthe 04/08/2015 | 12:42

Normally everything Kim Kardashian tackles is a hit, but now the diva faces a slight setback: Her book “Selfish” garnered a lot of attention as usual and assured the 34-year-old some headlines again, but the sales figures they are far from satisfactory.

Nothing came of this supposed stroke of genius! Like a recognized queen of selfies Kim Kardashian certainly had no doubt that the “Selfish” book would be ripped from her hands. like a bargain-priced Chanel evening bag. But instead of picking up the laurels of a blockbuster, the internet star’s “photograph” is punished with great disinterest.

Kim Kardashain has to accept a setback

It wasn’t until May that Kanye West’s girlfriend went on a major promotional tour to bring his book, which consists exclusively of beauty self-portraits, to fans. and at first it seemed like they were just as excited about the onslaught of selfies as Kim Kardashain himself. However, the first euphoria was probably misleading, because as “Radar Online” reports, the expectant mother of two was only able to encourage some of her followers to buy. Barely 32,000 copies are said to hit the shelves – that’s not even one percent of his follower count! Despite the huge fan base, there is no new career as a bestseller “author”, how can that be?

Are fans getting tired of Kim Kardashian?No matter where the curved star appears, people freak out, and the more than 41 million subscribers to his Instagram account speak for themselves. Kim Kardashian really spends a lot of time capturing every moment of her life on camera And maybe that’s where the problem lies. After all, it only takes a few clicks every day to know exactly what outfit the beauty is wearing or what little Nori is doing. So why invest in a book where all these images can be seen again? The Kim Kardashian brand lives by being up to dateso you should probably use better advisors on your next project.

It looks like “Selfish” is going to be a failure in Kim Kardashian’s career, but this little dropout shouldn’t bother her too much. After all, you are still guaranteed international attention and, as the saying goes: Any press is good press!

Image Source: Getty Images / Michael Loccisano