Kim Kardashian: primer comentario sobre Bruce Jenner

Kim Kardashian: first comment on Bruce Jenner

Kim Kardashian: first comment on Bruce Jenner

100 percent

wantedon 01/27/2015 | 15:49

Kim Kardashian has spoken publicly for the first time about the changes in Bruce Jenner’s appearance. Compared to “Entertainment Tonight,” the reality TV queen made it clear that she is completely behind her stepfather, no matter what…

Kim Kardashian speaks for Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner himself has barely said a word about the obvious transformation in his appearance. But now his famous stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian, commented on the subject when she was a guest on “Entertainment Tonight.” The 34-year-old emphasized one thing in particular: “Of course we support Bruce 100 percent.” Kim Kardashian and her four sisters recently backed up this statement with an Instagram photo that she and Bruce Jenner showed.

Kim Kardashian was also able to report on “Entertainment Tonight” that she had never seen Bruce Jenner so happy before. There is no need to worry that he himself will not be able to cope psychologically with his change. Kim Kardashian still hasn’t been able to say if Bruce Jenner will talk about his change himself. “I think everyone goes through things in life and I think this story and what Bruce is going through will be shared with the public when the time comes.”

Kim Kardashian and her sisters are after dad Bruce Jenner

Kim Kardashian wants Bruce Jenner to tell his own story

Kim Kardashian didn’t want to reveal much more than that on “Entertainment Tonight.” After all, it’s his story and that’s why he’s the one who should tell it, says rapper Kanye West’s wife. “I think it’s his story and not mine”Kim Kardashian explained her reluctance.

Whether Bruce Jenner will tell his story publicly one day or not remains open – and his own decision too! In any case, Kim Kardashian should be credited for expressing her support, but not for disclosing private matters of her stepfather.

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