Kim Kardashian en estilo Monroe

Kim Kardashian in Monroe style

Kim Kardashian in Monroe style


wantedthe 27/05/2015 | 12:14

It really doesn’t get boring with Kim Kardashian! Unless your personal life is becoming the number one talking point, it is your appearance that seems to be constantly changing. In the current issue of “Vogue Brasil”, Kim Kardashian can be seen from a side that we would not have believed her to be: the magazine’s series of photos shows a more familiar image of beauty.

Kim Kardashian on the cover of “Vogue Brasil”

When Kim Kardashian dyed her hair blonde in March of this year, the world seemed to go into a brief paralysis. No other look has been discussed as hotly as the reality star’s makeover and opinions are rarely held on a hair color as far removed as with Kim Kardashian. A visit to the hairdresser put Kanye West’s girlfriend in the headlines and his new look was all over the magazines. Only Kim Kardashian can do that!

And now, just two months after his radical change of optics, he does it on two covers, and again in blonde. More recently, Kim Kardashian found her way back to her black mane and reached out to many supporters of this decision. For “Vogue Brasil,” Kim Kardashian’s hair now glows an ultra-light platinum blonde and that’s not the only change that can be seen in the 34-year-old. Kim Kardashian poses for the cover in the Marilyn Monroe look and has dominated the game between erotic seduction and feminine elegance. But that’s not all, because the It-Girl not only has the magazine cover image well controlled, she is also the star of the photo series “Vogue Brasil”. However, the Kim Kardashian lady seemed to have taken a little break.

Kim Kardashian exposes herself

Kim Kardashian is sexy and seductive

As reported by “HollywoodLife”, Kim Kardashian is supposed to show herself topless in the June issue of “Vogue Brasil” and pose on a leopard rug. In just one magazine, fans can see both sides of the TV star and thus can decide in a direct comparison which Kim Kardashian they like best. You can’t wait any longer, right?

And again, a new hair color is enough for Kim Kardashian to make it on a cover, and therefore on everyone’s lips. Kanye West’s wife is a pro when it comes to self marketing and the many facets of the fashion world are at her feet. We’re excited to see what look Kim Kardashian will wear next on glossy magazine covers.

Image sources: Instagram / voguebrasil