Kim Kardashian está haciendo cualquier cosa por un segundo bebé

Kim Kardashian is doing anything for a second baby

Kim Kardashian is doing anything for a second baby

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wantedthe 22/05/2015 | 13:18

Life is sometimes unfair, and surprisingly this time, Kim Kardashian is one of those people who doesn’t always get what they want: the TV beauty has longed for a second child and finally the baby screams across her villa again. The strangest methods of Kim Kardashian.

It is said that the happiness of being a mother is the greatest in the world. For nine months a life grows in you and if you are finally allowed to take the offspring in your arms, all the pains and pains of childbirth seem to disappear. Kim Kardashian likely had similar experiences. A good two years ago, little North crowned the happiness of the It girl and her lover Kanye West, but it seems that the cherry on top is still missing. Kim Kardashian is yearning for a second child, but so far all the pregnancy rumors have exploded like soap bubbles.

Kim Kardashian tries everything to get pregnant again

Kim Kardashian seems to be one of those women for whom the road to having a child is long and arduous. As reported by “HollywoodLife”, the beauty should try everything to give North a brother and make Kanye West a father again. Kim Kardashian should visit top gynecologists for her wish for double happinesswhich can be found in Beverly Hills, and also resorting to other means that seem a bit unusual – Kanye West even has to tidy up his wardrobe for the expected offspring.

Kim Kardashian has strict rules

According to an anonymous source from “HollywoodLife”, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West should constantly refrain from alcohol consumption and visits to the sauna and hot baths have also been canceled for the rapper. But for a second baby, Kim Kardashian has issued another ban on her pious husband: The 37-year-old is not allowed to wear leather pants. as this could kill the sperm. And it’s not just the couple’s wardrobe being refurbished, their bedroom is also being adapted: “He also hired a Feng Shui expert to make sure his bedroom has the right fertility vibes,” revealed the insider. But until the time comes and Kim Kardashian becomes a mother again, she campaigns for other children with whom fate was not well-intentioned. For “Red Nose Day” the diva does not care about a perfect look and poses with other stars with red noses, according to “HollywoodLife”. His heart for children seems to reach out to everyone …

Kim Kardashian is a thoroughbred mother whose love would probably be enough for her five children. We keep our fingers crossed for her and Kanye West that the news of the baby will not be long in coming and that Kim Kardashian will soon be able to change diapers again.

Image Source: Getty Images / Larry Marano