Kim Kardashian es ahora la Sra. West

Kim Kardashian is now Mrs. West

Kim Kardashian is now Mrs. West

Hello Mrs. West!

wantedon 06/08/2014 | 10:08

After Kim Kardashian gave Kanye the word yes in late May and her daughter North made the family happiness perfect, the beautiful star now wants the whole package – the reality star now posted a passport photo of herself. himself on Instagram and announced to his fanbase that his new ID card. From now on Mrs. Kim West stands up.

Kim Kardashian proudly presents …

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a traditional orientation, but they do a lot of things in an unknown order. After little North saw the light last year, the rapper and reality queen just tied the knot in May. So that all family members have the same name too, Kim Kardashian is now doing the same and now introducing herself as Mrs. West. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” actress uploaded a current passport photo of herself on her Instagram profile – a selfie, of course, as is customary in It-Girl circles. In the photo, Kim Kardashian poses perfectly stylized as always and looks at the camera with a serious and lewd gaze.. Thick lashes and a subtle pink lipstick adorn her pretty face. A bright dark blue blazer and white blouse complete the serious business look.

… herself as Kim West

Kim Karadashian keeps her old name on social media accounts

Kim Kardashian’s official name is now Kim West. But as a “stage name” it will probably stay true to “Kardashian”: Shortly after marrying Kanye West, she had already adopted the double name Kardashian-West on her social media, but she eventually reverted to her maiden name. The fans don’t care. In your post “New passport photo # Mrs. West # name change” Most of the Instagram users did not even die and admired the beautiful photo of Kim Kardashian much more. “Wonderful” Y “If only my passport photo looked like this” were the consistently positive comments from their fans.

Kim Kardashian may be flattered, fans are once again excited about her serious new look. The pretty reality queen can wear whatever she wants – her followers always have compliments ready for the 33-year-old. Whether Kim is called Kardashian or West is almost irrelevant.

Image Source 1: Getty Images / Christopher Polk Image Source 2: Instagram / Kim Kardashian