Kim Kardashian está orgullosa de los rumores

Kim Kardashian is proud of the rumors

Kim Kardashian is proud of the rumors

The best rumor of all time

wantedon 07/20/2015 | 14:41

Kim Kardashian is not pregnant at all! This rumor has been circulating in the media for a few days, but instead of getting mad at the whispers, the beauty is even happy about it. What does Kim Kardashian like so much that her pregnancy is questioned?

Kim Kardashian is delighted with the rumors

Kim Kardashian has wanted a second baby for so long and now that the offspring are finally on the way, the American press doubts the veracity of the child’s renewed blessing. Actually, you would expect Kanye West’s wife to not be particularly happy with these rumors, but that’s not the case at all. Kim Kardashian just can’t get enough! Is it girl just about being in the center of media attention?

The 34-year-old might like to be the center of the world, but this time her good humor doesn’t come from the fact that her face is reappearing on magazine covers. Kim Kardashian writes on Twitter that she would love rumors of a false pregnancy and every expectant mother can understand his explanation.

Kim Kardashian can’t believe it

Kim Kardashian is said to have already put on ten kilograms. The fact that she was accused of being too thin for a pregnant woman in her fifth month certainly made her forget one or more morning sickness. Kim Kardashian still has a few months to convince the media that she is really expecting offspring. But since we know the curved star, until then you will enjoy every second it is deemed too thin.

Kim Kardashian’s delight is too understandable! A woman who in the fifth month is still under the assumption that she is not pregnant at all, although she already has ten kilograms more on her hips, certainly nothing can spoil her day. So we are happy with Kim Kardashian. Now we’re just wondering which abdominal underwear the cutie is wearing, because she really seems to have it all!

Image Source: Getty Images / Dominique Charriau