Kim Kardashian: prueba de embarazo en vivo

Kim Kardashian: Live Pregnancy Test

Kim Kardashian: Live Pregnancy Test

On Snapchat

Daniel Schmidton 05/20/2016 | 14:54

Kim Kardashian’s world fame is largely based on the fact that she shares every little detail of her private life with the public. This likely includes the pregnancy test, which was performed live on the 35-year-old, in color and visible to the world on Snapchat.

Kim Kardashian allows the world to participate in her pregnancy test.

Days are missing, all women know it. But if the woman’s name is Kim Kardashian and she just spoke about the fact that her pious husband Kanye West wants more offspring after the two children North and Saint, of course, we should not be withheld. The reality TV star celebrated her suspicion of a new pregnancy on Thursday night via Snapchat.

“I’m seriously in the airplane bathroom here and I’m doing a pregnancy test now because I’m a little suspicious,” she said in the Snapchat video. “Well, it’s not a big deal.”

Kim shows precision

Anyone who has ever taken a pregnancy test knows that to get an optimal result, let’s say, you need to be able to aim well. The subsequent course of her Snapchat story shows that Ms. Kardashian doesn’t miss the mark on the plane. Probably very relieved (in the double sense of the word) she presented the pregnancy test a short time later. So the end with the ad, not with the shooter. Lo and behold, Kim Kardashian is clearly not pregnant! So North West and Saint West will have to do without the third brother for a while, but luckily we will not be looking at other curiosities of the Kardashian family.

It’s good that Kim Kardashian didn’t go to the strip in front of the camera, that almost certainly would have left the entire internet in rubble and ashes.

Image Source: GettyImages / Ethan Miller

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