Kim Kardashian ama sus curvas de bebé

Kim Kardashian loves her baby curves

Kim Kardashian loves her baby curves

No jogging pants!

wantedon 06/19/2015 | 11:26

The day that Kim Kardashian is shown in a baggy shirt and sweatpants will probably go down in history, because we only know the It-Girl in dresses that emphasize every curve of her body. Even during your pregnancy you don’t resort to a more cozy wardrobe! But why does Kim Kardashian seem so obsessed with wanting to always look sexy?

Curves, curves and even more curves – that’s the trademark of Kim Kardashian, with whom she has become a world-famous star. A large bust, a wide pelvis and a butt that not even Jennifer Lopez can compete with make the beauty of a woman who is 100 percent proud of her body. It’s almost unimaginable that one day Kim Kardashian won’t wear tight leggings Or she shows up in a dress that doesn’t require much imagination to imagine the reality TV queen naked.

Kim Kardashian likes to be revealing

His lover Kanye West obviously likes to see his beautiful wife and Kim Kardashian fans also celebrate their idol for his self-confidence. The surprising thing, however, is that the expectant mother does not even want to do without throwing herself into her skin-tight tunic during pregnancy, because such a tummy needs its space. An insider has now revealed to “HollywoodLife” why Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to compromise on sex appeal, even as a future mom. And why especially eagerly awaited children are no reason to leave tight leather clothes in the closet.

Kim Kardashian forces herself to be sexy

“Kim wants to be sexy for as long as possible,” reports an insider who thinks he knows why we will continue to view Kim Kardashian in a very classy way. “She wants to wear heels and look as sexy as possible for as long as possible. Even when she would actually prefer to wear sweatpants, she forces herself to dress more elegantly as it gives her more confidence, ”explains the source. It also states that Kim Kardashian believes that no pregnant woman should hide her body. Where the brunette is right, she is right, because there is nothing better than seeing a growing baby lump, especially when you have waited for pregnancy as long as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian seems to feel at home in her skin and therefore likes to show herself in body hugging clothes. You don’t want to hide under baggy clothes, you want to show the whole world what you have to offer. And let’s be honest, we envy Kim Kardashian a bit for her self-confidence. Keep going!Image Source: Getty Images / Timothy A. Clary