Kim Kardashian realmente se come la placenta

Kim Kardashian really eats the placenta

Kim Kardashian really eats the placenta


Thorsten trederon December 15, 2015 | 11:28

Baby blues after giving birth? It’s understandable that Kim Kardashian doesn’t feel like doing that. Fortunately, Kanye West’s wife knows how to help – she takes pills to combat it, made from her own placenta!

Kim Kardashian battles postpartum depression

What others, including her own mother, find really disgusting is apparently now a part of Kim Kardashian. Even after the birth of her son Saint West, she continues to administer lyophilized placental pills and consequently has no problem sharing them with the world. “When I was pregnant with North, I heard so many stories from mothers who did not eat their placenta after giving birth to their first child and then had postpartum depression,” she said in a new post on her, according to ET Online. App.

“But if they took the pills after their second baby, they didn’t. So I thought, why not give it a try? What do I have to lose? “Kim Kardashian said. She really doesn’t want to succumb to postpartum depression and thought: What could be so wrong about taking pills made from your own hormones? The new mother of two took pills after the birth of North and Saint West, and her experiences with them seem to prove she’s right.

Kris Jenner thinks it’s gross

“I’ve had the best results,” enthuses Kim Kardashian in her post. She feels so energetic and doesn’t even have the slightest bit of depression. “I had to do it again,” he explains accordingly. “Every time I take a pill, I feel a surge of energy and I feel really healthy and good.” Therefore, the 35-year-old woman can only recommend that each woman eat her own placenta in this way, even if she is getting rid of it. from her own mother’s phrases like “I just lost my appetite. That’s the nastiest thing I’ve ever heard.

We think: every pregnant woman should decide for herself whether she wants to take the placenta in pill form or not. It’s definitely great that Kim Kardashian helped!

Image Source: Getty Images / AFP / Mark Ralston