Kim Kardashian revela su peso actual

Kim Kardashian reveals her current weight

Continue losing weight?

Daniel Schmidton 06/01/2016 | 17:53

Since little Saint West was born in December, Kim Kardashian has worked diligently to shed her baby pounds. It Girl has already lost significant weight, but apparently wants to lose even more weight, as a recent Snapchat post shows.

Kim Kardashian: Still 5.5 kg for the desired weight.

Kim Kardashian had gained around 30 kilograms during her second pregnancy, as she revealed in a live broadcast on Twitter in November 2015. Now she has those extra pounds, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for Kanye West’s wife. On Tuesday, she posted a photo on Snapchat showing her feet on a scale and her screen. Consequently, she currently weighs 59.8 kilograms, she was 60 kilograms before her pregnancy with Saint West.

Instead of being happy about the success, Kim Kardashian put the following text in bold on the snapshot: “There are still 12 pounds left to reach the Kim of 2010!” The Up With The Kardashians star apparently still wants to lose. The reality TV actress always seems to be highly motivated – she regularly keeps her fans updated on her weight via Snapchat.

Kim’s pounds are dropping

For example, about three weeks ago, when your scales were showing even more: at the time, the display registered just under 61.6 kilograms; almost two kilograms have now dropped. How did Kim Kardashian achieve so many weight loss successes in less than half a year? She revealed her secret, at least in part, through Snapchat. In one photo, he gave a reference to the Atkins diet, a form of nutrition based on the so-called low-carbohydrate principle. Of course, there are also training sessions – in April, she revealed on her website that she gets up early for sports and that it is an absolute must for her.

We congratulate Kim Kardashian on her successful weight loss, but we think she shouldn’t overdo it. At around 60 kilograms, the mother of two looks fantastic after all.

Image Source: GettyImages / Mark Sagliocco