Kim Kardashian: ¿contratará una madre sustituta?

Kim Kardashian: Will You Hire A Surrogate Mother?

Kim Kardashian: Will You Hire A Surrogate Mother?

Wish of children

wantedon 04/28/2015 | 13:48

Kim Kardashian has long dreamed of having a brother for little North, but somehow it just doesn’t work out. Meanwhile, the 34-year-old is even considering relying on the help of a surrogate mother, but the it girl doesn’t want to give up just yet!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been the proud parents of cute North for almost two years. But you shouldn’t be left with just one child – the two stars originally had a plan to start an extended family. After all, Kim Kardashian comes from a clan with many children. But little by little it seems that the great dream is about to explode. The 34-year-old has been trying in vain to get pregnant since the birth of her daughter.

Kim Kardashian is dying to be a mother again

Kim Kardashian is quite open about her problem: On the “Today” show, the reality TV star talked about her fertility and freely reported on her plans if the pregnancy didn’t turn out natural. “They say yes – if you’ve tried it for over a year, you usually need a little help. I had a difficult delivery so I understand what my challenges are. I mean, I go to the best doctors and I try to do everything I can to make this happen. They recommended that I hire a surrogate mother, ”revealed Kim Kardashian.Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to give up soon

While other famous women have long depended on the support of a surrogate mother, this is not an option for Kim Kardashian. She still prefers the classic way: “But I would like to wait a little longer and keep trying. I still have hope so I will keep trying. Never say Never.“The queen of reality TV is not averse to adoption, either. But for now, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want to keep trying to have a baby naturally, and they’re sparing no expense or effort. An alleged source told the UK edition of Grazia: ‘Kim has an expert cook for £ 5,000 [knapp 7.000 Euro] hired for a month to make sure all her meals are loaded with fertility enhancing ingredients. Kim’s problems getting pregnant take over her entire life. She is willing to do anything for it. “

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want nothing more than more descendants and are willing to try hard. On an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Kim even lets her camera crew accompany her to an appointment with her gynecologist. We wish you both that your wish to have children finally comes true and that you can save those details to yourselves soon!Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson