Honey es ahora la moderadora

Kims is a stepmother

Honey is now the moderator

Everything 15 years they are between the “dream couple” and the current one GNTM relay. At the age of 19, Kim has just started in the modeling business and is working on hers. Race to work. Children are of secondary importance. But thanks Model friend Alex Kim is already a stepmother, because Alex (34) already has a son from a previous relationship. Unsurprisingly, Kim often appears on the show. looks very mature and adult. After all, she has to take care of a child in private. On the contrary, Alex’s behavior seems quite childish.

Because the i cried after that Makeover in front of the camera around Kim’s long mane and was totally amazed by the new Short hairstyle. Rather than comfort his girlfriend and assure her how beautiful she is, Alex’s reaction only made things worse. That was not only for many viewers, but also Shirin david get on my nerves in a very honest way Tweet first I had to.