Huawei P40 (Pro) ninguna posibilidad sin Google: poco interesante para la gente

King comparison: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs Huawei P40 Pro (video)

Huawei P40 (Pro) no chance without Google: uninteresting for people

Samsung versus Huawei, the duel has been on our minds for some time and will continue to be in the future. In comparison, the Galaxy S20 Plus and the P40 Pro compete.

Samsung and Huawei compete for supremacy in the smartphone market in the Android world. Even if Huawei will sell fewer devices in Europe in the future due to lack of Google apps. First of all, the hardware and software comparison is and will continue to be exciting for us. How well has Samsung struggled to return from convenience to innovation, and after many good years, can Huawei still improve or even expand its potential leadership?

Has Huawei overtaken Samsung?

In the new comparison, the Huawei P40 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus compete with each other. Christian von Techloupe sat down to watch a ten minute video and compared the hardware and software to each other. Both manufacturers have one thing in common: in Europe they trust their own processors and not the current Qualcomm model.

In said video, there are many categories to compare, including performance, battery, haptic / optics, display, camera, and much more. Take a look, it’s worth it!