Kirsten Dunst es dura

Kirsten Dunst is tough

Kirsten Dunst is tough

Smelly dress

wantedon October 07, 2014 | 10:58

Even an award-winning Hollywood actress like Kirsten Dunst has to grit her teeth sometimes. Especially with extraordinary character roles, it can sometimes be helpful to put your starry airs on the back burner. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for Kirsten Dunst …

With films like “Interview with a Vampire” or “Spider-Man”, Kirsten Dunst performed in the top league of Hollywood stars. The 32-year-old actress also made an admirable performance in “The Two Faces of January.” The fact that Kirsten Dunst can always convince the audience with her roles is likely due to the fact that the Golden Globe winner is engrossed in her characters, even when things can get awkward.

Kirsten Dunst wore a dirty dress for weeks

In connection with “Vanity Fair,” Kirsten Dunst has now admitted that the filming of the film adaptation of the novel “The Two Faces of January,” which opened in German theaters in May, was anything but a walk in the park. Since the thriller is set in the 1960s, the 32-year-old actor and other actors such as Oscar Isaac and Viggo Mortensen had to do everything they could to make the film seem authentic. For Kirsten Dunst, there was no way to get used to the conditions of the 60s and ignore the customs on set during the course of it. “I had to wear a dirty dress for two months”the actress told “Vanity Fair.” Kirsten Dunst took on the stinky dress pretty easily

It’s hard to believe that a famous lady like Kirsten Dunst is said to have only worn one dress during this long period of time. Why was the dress never washed? The successful actress also explains to the magazine why the cute yellow dress had to be manipulated with child gloves. “You haven’t washed it once and just sprayed it with a textile air freshener. The costume designers couldn’t wash it or put it in the dry cleaner because they feared it would fall apart. “continues the “Marie Antoinette” actress. Since the film was shot in warm Greece, it must have been torture for Kirsten Dunst not being able to change her clothes. Despite all the inconveniences, the blonde beauty took the shoot quite calmly, because “We were filming in Crete and our trailers were by the sea so we could go swimming in our free time. It felt a bit like a vacation. “We can understand that Kirsten Dunst would have preferred to wear freshly laundered clothes for the shoot. However, it is very understanding that the Hollywood star grits her teeth and still wears the unwashed dress with conviction. Kirsten Dunst is a true professional!

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