Kit Harington: ¡El sexismo también afecta a los hombres!

Kit Harington: Sexism affects men too!

Kit Harington: Sexism affects men too!


Daniel Schmidton 05/30/2016 | 17:38

It’s not just actresses who fight sexism – their male counterparts are affected too. At least this is the opinion of Kit Harington, who now shares her own experiences. It is not the first time that the “Game of Thrones” star has spoken out on this issue.

Kit Harington sees himself as a victim of sexism.

Kit Harington not only became famous with the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones,” but he also became an absolute heartthrob. But being a male sex symbol is obviously not easy for the 29-year-old. “I like to see myself as more than just a full head of hair or a few curls. It’s humiliating, “he said in an interview with The Sunday Times magazine. Of course, he also realizes that his mane was a prerequisite for his character Jon Schnee: “Yeah, in a way, you could argue that I was hired for a certain look I have. There is definitely sexism towards women in our industry, but also towards men ”.

And Kit Harington has already felt this sexism firsthand. “Sometimes when they ask me during photo shoots if I would get naked, I’m sorry,” says the “Game of Thrones” mime. And this feeling could possibly have serious consequences, as it shows: “If I had the impression that I was only hired for my appearance, then I would stop acting.” Kit Harington had already been interviewed last year. with “” he said it would only come down to his body. “Being constantly put on a pedestal like a dream boy is degrading,” he said. Then as now, however, she emphasized that she in no way wanted to downplay sexism towards women with her statements.

Rose and Kit: That’s how they fell in love with each other.

In the “The Sunday Times” interview, Kit Harington also spoke about the woman next to him: Rose Leslie. The two fell in love with filming “Game of Thrones” under the Northern Lights in Iceland. “If you’re already drawn to someone and they’re playing your loved one, falling in love will be easy,” said the Jon Snow cast member.

We still smile when we think of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie’s highly anticipated red carpet outing. What an adorable couple!

Image Source: GettyImages for NBC / Theo Wargo