Samsung de todas las personas es uno de los fabricantes más confiables cuando se trata de actualizaciones de Android

Klarmobil: LTE smartphone tariffs now offer more

Samsung of all people is one of the most trusted manufacturers when it comes to Android updates

Klarmobil has started a new campaign, the network-wide internal flat rates for smartphones now have more data volume available each month.

Klarmobil is now increasing its own rates for smartphones. There is more volume of data per month for new customers. It is not a permanent improvement at first, but that could happen later. Effective immediately, there is a 2GB data volume bonus on Allnet’s flat rates. This applies to each of the tariffs on offer, all of which, by the way, all work on the Vodafone network and offer access to the best LTE frequencies for mobile Internet. The promotion with the improved rates is available until the end of February.

Klarmobil adds 2GB of data volume on top

This currently results in the following flat rates for the entire network:

  • For € 9.99: 2 + 2GB data volume
  • For € 14.99: 6 + 2GB data volume
  • For € 19.99: 10 + 2 GB of data volume

As already mentioned, the basics include LTE with up to 21.6 Mbit / s and a flat rate for the entire network on all German networks for telephony and SMS. The prices mentioned are only valid for the first 24 months. After that, the price increases on all rates, unless you cancel beforehand or contact customer service for a new offer.