Kr00k WLAN Vulnerability: Are Your Devices Affected?

Kr00k WLAN Vulnerability: Are Your Devices Affected?

Kr00k WLAN Vulnerability: Are Your Devices Affected?

According to researchers at security company Eset, the Kr00k WLAN security hole is found in Broadcom and Cypress WLAN chips. These are embedded in billions of WLAN-enabled devices around the world. Some examples are products from Amazon (Echo, Kindle), Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac, AppleTV), Google, Samsung Galaxy, and Xiaomi. WLAN routers from various manufacturers are also affected by the security breach. However, the good news is that a software update can fix the vulnerability.

Updates against Kr00k now available

Eset reported the error to chipmakers last year. They have already released patches. Numerous manufacturers released them for their devices late last year. This shows again: even if they don’t bring new features, updates should always be installed immediately. We will show you how you can check if you are on the safe side.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon has already released firmware updates for its smart speakers. They are usually installed automatically without being noticed. If this is not the case, you can unplug your Alexa from the power for a few seconds and then turn it on again. Then the update should install.

Apple has patched Kr00k

Apple released an update for all affected devices in October 2019. If you have iOS 13.2 or later installed on your iPhone or iPad, you are on the safe side. If your smartphone is not compatible with iOS 13, Apple has also released an update for iOS 12. This one has the version number 12.4.3. You can find the installed version number in the settings under General -> Information -> Software version. On your Mac, you need at least macOS 10.15.1 or the corresponding update for earlier versions of Mojave and High Sierra.

Android (Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi Redmi)

Unlike Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and company keep a low profile on the subject. Kr00k apparently cannot be fixed with an Android security update, but it does require a firmware update from the manufacturer. Manufacturers have yet to comment on the vulnerability. However, to be safe, you should verify that your device is up to date. This can be done in the settings under System -> Advanced -> System update (for Xiaomi: My device -> MIUI version).

Secure the router against Kr00k

WLAN routers can also be affected by the security breach. Make sure the latest software is installed and the automatic update feature is enabled if necessary. You can access your Fritzbox from any Internet browser at the address “ “. Then you can check under “System” -> “Update” if the latest version of the software is installed or if an update is available. You can access the Telekom router at “http: //speedport.ip”.

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