Kristen Stewart: Actuar fue solo tu segunda opción

Kristen Stewart: Acting was just your second choice

Kristen Stewart: Acting was just your second choice

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With the role of “Bella” in the saga of vampire films “Twilight”, Kristen Stewart got her big break as an actress. But originally the brunette had completely different dreams about her job …

Kristen Stewart is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood these days. In her youth, however, the 24-year-old had very different goals in terms of her career. The brunette has always wanted to be in the film industry, but instead of standing in front of the camera, Kristen Stewart wanted to emulate her parents and work behind the scenes. In the book “The Art of Discovery” the actress reveals what prompted her to do so.

Kristen Stewart originally didn’t want to be an actress

Kristen Stewart describes her parents in “The Art of Discovery” as hardworking team members who inspired them to enter the industry as well. “I wanted to go home with hundreds of stories and food stolen from the team,” says the actress. “I thought what you were doing for a living was great.” But for Kristen Stewart, the dream of life behind the scenes exploded.

Kristen Stewart was too young for her dream job

I was too young to be a scene workerlike my brothers, ”reveals Kristen Stewart. Therefore, his only option was to switch to acting. “The problem was getting a job. He was eight years old and he wasn’t very good at acting.However, that was about to change: after a year of auditions, Kristen Stewart landed her first major role in “The Safety Of Objects” in 2001. From then on, the brunette knew she had a new dream, according to the actress.

Kristen Stewart originally didn’t want to be in front of the camera, but behind her. His story proves once again that sometimes it is necessary for things not to go according to plan to find the right path. A great thing!

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