Kristen Stewart: ¿Tiene un chico nuevo?

Kristen Stewart: Do you have a new guy?

Kristen Stewart: Do you have a new guy?

Who is the stranger

wantedon December 19, 2014 | 16:40

Her ex is now happily forgiven again and Kristen Stewart should now look to the future when it comes to love. This is how it is said that the beauty of “Twilight” was shown with a mysterious stranger …

Who is the unknown new man that Kristen Stewart had coffee with a few days ago? As the “Daily Mail” reports, the 24-year-old accompanied by a man seer, whom he seems to trust a lot.

Kristen Stewart has been seen with a stranger

After all, the actress should completely without makeup and relaxed have been on the way. “The couple were away from home in their leisure look. They made their way between two rains on the way to a nearby cafe“, Recalls the alleged eyewitness in an interview with the” Daily Mail “of the encounter with Kristen Stewart and her ominous partner.

Kristen Stewart: Has she finally gotten over Rob?

It seemed that Kristen Stewart knew her partner relatively well, after all, she is said to have acted naturally. “Kristen didn’t wear makeup for the morning walk. He was wearing a black sweater that had ‘YES’ printed in currency symbols, ”the source continued. But what if the man was really Kristen Stewart’s new lover? After all, there has been speculation in the the 24-year-old was still attached to her ex Robert Pattinsonwhose girlfriend he had recently blasphemed. Kristen Stewart is said to have said that FKA twigs is just a flash in the pan for Robert.

Only the actress herself knows who Kristen Stewart’s heart beats for. We would like him to finally forget about the relationship with Robert Pattinson, apparently he can too.Image Source: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images