Kristen Stewart no mira atrás

Kristen Stewart doesn’t look back

Kristen Stewart doesn't look back

Tough and successful

wantedon 10/20/2014 | 13:44

Kirsten Stewart no longer seems to cry after her relationship with Robert Pattinson, on the contrary: the actress seems to be doing very well for the first time since the breakup. “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart is feeling stronger than ever. Where does it come from?

Although Kristen Stewart’s ex is currently traversing Europe with her new flame, it seems to leave the Hollywood star quite cold. Robert Pattinson is enjoying time with his first new girlfriend after his longtime “Twilight” crush, and what is the “Panic Room” actress doing right now? Kristen Stewart enjoys her life and her fame like never before. Does this new approach to life contribute to the fact that you hardly care about your ex and FKA Twigs?

Kristen Stewart has left Robert Pattinson behind and is taking off

At least the actress seems to have every reason for her newfound zest for life, because right now Kristen Stewart is more successful than ever. In an interview with USA Today, the 24-year-old movie star confessed that she was really “super happy” at the moment and, above all, quite proud of her upcoming projects. One such project is a new movie called “Camp X-Ray” in which Kristen Stewart plays a tough prison guard at the Guantanamo Army Base defending an innocent inmate.

Kristen Stewart doesn’t need Robert Pattinson to be happy

This new and very unknown role of the brunette beauty seems to have given her a good dose of self-confidence. So far, Kristen Stewart has been more of the role of “Bella Swan,” the vulnerable girl, tailor-made. Her new strong self, however, shows a different Kristen Stewart, who is now quite confident in herself even away from the screen. In an interview with “USA Today,” the Hollywood beauty even said that she enjoyed fame a lot: “I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore because I’ve gotten used to it. I really got over it and every day I get stronger. I am better than I ever was “said the 24-year-old Hollywood actress. That is a clear statement, Mr. Robert Pattinson!It almost seems like Kristen Stewart has come out of her relationship with Robert Pattinson stronger. Perhaps the movie actress has finally come to an end with her past, which is why she barely touches on the relationship between her ex and FKA Twigs. Kristen Stewart is a powerful woman and her ex should feel that too.

Source: Photo by Theo Wargo / NBC / Getty Images for `The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon`