Kristen Stewart: ¿cita caliente con Nicholas Hoult?

Kristen Stewart: hot date with Nicholas Hoult?

Kristen Stewart: hot date with Nicholas Hoult?

Hot business?

wantedthe 10/09/2014 | 14:20

While filming her new movie “Equals,” Kristen Stewart was seen offstage with Nicholas Hoult on several occasions. They both have failed in their relationships and now seem to be able to distract each other from the love sickness in Asia. Now a video has emerged that rekindles the rumors: Are Kristen Stewart and her colleague getting closer and closer?

Since Kristen Stewart broke up with her “Twilight” colleague Robert Pattinson a year ago, the actress has had no luck in love. Should that change again now? Lately the actress is rumored to be finally getting distracted by someone else: Jennifer Lawrence, former Nicholas Hoult. Kristen Stewart and Nicholas appear in front of the camera for the film “Equals.” And not only that: Outside of the film set, the two have often been seen together. Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult return from Asia as a couple?

Kristen Stewart was seen again with Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence shouldn’t have been a couple for long. According to the media, the reason for the separation was the long-distance relationship between the two. So it fits in well that Kristen Stewart has been by Nicholas’s side in Asia for months. After a sushi date together, the two are said to have visited a piercing studio. Nicholas Hoult shared a video of this excursion on Instagram: In this one you can probably see Kristen Stewart getting a navel piercing. Now photos of the two have emerged, showing that there was another meeting.

Kristen Stewart: Cable Car Ride with Nicholas Hoult

According to the online portal “HollywoodLife”, Kristen Stewart and Nicholaus Hoult met fans in a cable car with whom they posed for photos. In addition to these photos, a video is also circulating on the Internet in which the two actors are supposedly seen gliding down the cable car. The images continue to fuel the relationship rumors surrounding Kristen Stewart and her co-star. According to HollywoodLife, an insider confirmed that their time together was “healing” not only for Kristen Stewart, but also for Nicholas Hoult. Will the fun be more in the end?

Breaking up isn’t easy, the same goes for celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult. After their failed relationships, the actors met in Asia and seem to get along. Perhaps mutual distraction therapy will be done more?

Image Source: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain