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Kristen Stewart: Interview

Interview with Kristen Stewart

What was the best part of shooting Snow White and the Huntsman?

Kristen: I thought a lot of people wanted to get involved in such a great movie. How it plays, how it looks and how the movie is cut. It was such a small group of people. So it seemed like we were doing a little movie, almost an independent production. What I liked the most was that we were able to empathize with our roles so well and even help shape the script a bit. It all seemed so real and small even though we were doing a big fantasy production of “Snow White.”

Do you watch your movies in the cinema or on television?

Kristen: I saw Snow White and the Huntsman at the London premiere with everyone else. I loved seeing the movie with the director for the first time. It is part of the whole process. Then you understand even more how everything is related. But watching the movie in the theater with many other people is totally strange and stressful.

What was it like shooting with Charlize Theron?

Kristen: Excellent! I knew I wanted to make the movie, but one of the reasons was you! And I know that she does her job for the same reasons I do. It is very rare to meet people like that.

Are you really that good at riding or did you have a stuntman?

Kristen: Driving was good for me, but I’m certainly not the best driver. But I really had to work my butt and I really did. I also had a great stunt double, but I definitely gave it my all.

Who is more like you? “Snow White” or Bella Swan?

Kristen: Oh darling! It’s hard to say that any of the characters are like you. I think I have a bit of both.

No one knows that you are particularly good at …

Mmmhhh, no idea! I don’t even know what’s interesting about it. Heard that somewhere and they said he was good at juggling. I can juggle too, but I don’t think anyone cares.

Why would you cut your hair?

Kristen: Cut your hair? Sure, for the role of Joan Jett in “Runaways” I cut my hair and dyed it black. That was while filming Twilight. I knew people would go crazy. They are too, but I did it anyway.

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