Kristina Yantsen se hizo la dentadura

Kristina Yantsen got her teeth done

Kristina Yantsen got her teeth done


After parting ways with Daniel Völz, bachelor’s winner Kristina Yantsen has now settled on a beauty procedure: she got her teeth done. And his laugh looks completely different.

Even if we found her laugh very understanding earlier, Kristina Yantsen doesn’t seem to have felt comfortable with it. On Instagram, she now posted a photo that clearly shows: Kristina got her teeth done. They are now extremely white AND complete.

She let it be done …

Kristina has been wearing veneers for a few days, which are very thin porcelain bowls that stick to her teeth. His gums were also corrected during the procedure so that you don’t see too much “meat” when you laugh. Kristina seems very happy with the result. She comments on the photo: “Laughter is the most beautiful language in the world.”

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His dentist also posted a video in which the before and after comparison can be seen very clearly. By the way: many other stars also seem to have joined Dr. Haber beautifying Mina Valentin’s teeth, as her Instagram account shows. The “BiP candidates” Johannes Heller and Oliver Sanne were also there, wearing badges.

What do you think of Kristina’s surgery? Do you think it’s perfectly okay for her to let it be done because it feels so much more comfortable that way? Or can’t you understand why her teeth look artificial now and her smile was so much sweeter before? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.