Kylie y Tyga: en & amp; amp;  Apagado

Kylie and Tyga: in & amp; amp; Off

Kylie and Tyga: in & amp;  amp;  Off

(05/27/2016) According to insiders, the 18-year-old It girl is said to have sent her ex some rather lewd photos of herself. Among other things, she can be seen very freely at wild parties. Of course, she did not take photos alone, but together with her new boyfriend, the 22-year-old. Rapper partyNextDoor.

+ + Kylie wants to make Tyga jealous + +

The two of them lie happily in each other’s arms and have fun with life, that’s exactly what your ex Tyga should feel with these photos. In one of the photos, Kylie Neuer is even wearing the necklace that Tyga designed as a gift for her Kylie. A big hit from Kylie. Tyga doesn’t think it’s funny at all and is pissed off about it while Kylie should have achieved her goal with it.

+ + Kylie is still holding on to her ex + +

After all, Kylie has her pride too and I still can’t believe Tyga didn’t even try to get her back in any way. Because after the two-year relationship, it’s not that easy for the 18-year-old to keep her distance from Tyga. According to an inside source, Kylie is still quite attached to her ex, which of course she doesn’t want to show him. On the contrary! It was definitely not Kylie’s last move to make her ex Tyga really jealous. We definitely look forward to what we will hear about the two of them splitting up in the near future.

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