Agradable, en forma, sin afeitar

Kylie: buttock and breast surgery?

Nice, fit, unshaven

Here’s what a cosmetic surgeon says about the rumors

“Getting fuller hips and therefore a rounder butt is a natural part of female body development. A high calorie diet also plays an important role, but that would affect the whole body. “ said Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Lyle back in front of the ‘’ portal.

“But I think these factors hardly influence Kylie’s current glute size. I highly doubt that Kylie spends that much time in the gym. Even if they did, no training could evoke the curves he has now. “

The beauty doctor is sure: “All the signs indicate that silicone pillows were inserted.” But then he goes into ecstasy: But there was a real artist behind it. The aesthetics, the shape and the shadows are impeccable, fantastic. Even the size, although somehow out of proportion to her waist, is well done. “