Kylie Jenner: ¿Tyga ya la superó?

Kylie Jenner: Is Tyga already over it?

Kylie Jenner: Is Tyga over it yet?

After separation

Daniel Schmidton 05/13/2016 | 17:33

Over and over again, that’s what she supposedly is now again for Kylie Jenner and Tyga. But how are the two former lovebirds after love? Possibly good for the rapper again.

Does Tyga have a new one yet?

In an interview with “E! News, “Tyga said for the first time after breaking up with Kylie Jenner and said,” I’m fine, you know? Just another day of working hard and trying to reach the next level and great things and develop. ” So apparently the breakup is not really that difficult for the musician. Or is it just a facade? One thing’s for sure: say something directly to Kylie Jenner and the renewed love Tyga made in an interview with “E! News “no.

And his now ex-girlfriend also keeps a low profile. Instead of making statements about the separation, the 18-year-old preferred to celebrate with his brother-in-law Scott Disick and Will Smith’s son, Jaden, as reported by “Hollywood Life”, the latter, according to the celebrity portal, an ex-girlfriend of Kylie Jenner. However, according to inside information, the younger Kardashian clan fears that Tyga may divulge family secrets after the breakup. Another “Hollywood Life” source, however, wants nothing to do with a final split. “Kylie and Tyga are taking a little break and that’s it,” he says. “He doesn’t believe for a second that this hiatus will last more than a few weeks, and he certainly doesn’t think this is the end.”

So together again soon?

So Kylie Jenner and the 26-year-old are basically still an on-and-off couple? Not excluded, because even Khloe Kardashian no longer seems to see through the two and their relationship. “This is the life of an 18-year-old girl,” she said some time ago, “E! News ”about your sister’s dating behavior. Sometimes they are together, sometimes they are not. He stopped asking Kylie Jenner because it was confusing and he hated telling people, “Oh, they broke up,” and then it wasn’t.

So it’s still exciting to see if Kylie Jenner and Tyga will get back together after their breakup in November last year and now in early May.

Image Source: GettyImages / Craig Barritt