Kylie Jenner: Eso es lo que dice sobre los rumores sobre bebés

Kylie Jenner: That’s what it says about the baby rumors

Kylie Jenner: That's what it says about the baby rumors

Hour of clarity

wanted05/29/2015 | 12:57

Is it or is it not? The question of whether Kylie Jenner is really pregnant is discussed in the media. Now, the Kardashian offspring have apparently grown weary of the rumors and are commenting on speculation about impending maternal happiness.

Kylie Jenner is clearly not pregnant

It really can’t be overlooked that Kylie Jenner carries the Kardashian gene. In addition to her curves and beautiful face, the 17-year-old is in no way inferior to her sister Kim in terms of media presence and provocation. In the last few weeks, even months, there had been headlines about Kylie Jenner and her supposed family plans.: She and her lover Tyga were supposedly already engaged, but reports of separation were circulating as well. Until now, apparently, there has never been anything. The assumption that Kylie Jenner should also be pregnant, meanwhile, perfectly fits the image of the revealing teenager she embodies in the media. After all, multiple sources had repeatedly confirmed that the model would like to tie up her boyfriend as tightly as possible. and Kris Jenner is said to be already making plans to market Kylie Jenner’s baby. But now one post changes everything!

Gone are the rumors and alleged insider information, because Kylie Jenner has now made it clear in person via Twitter that she is not pregnant. And it also provides evidence in the form of sexy bikini photos!

Kylie Jenner leaves no doubt

On Instagram, Kylie Jenner lets the pictures do the talking, making it clear without a doubt that she probably won’t be changing diapers for the next several months. Her stomach is flat as always and Kylie Jenner looks absolutely fit overall. That would have ended the baby rumors, at least for now.

We finally have the certainty that Kylie Jenner is not pregnant. We are somewhat reassured that the 17-year-old is still taking time to plan her family and, it seems, is fully concentrating on her career. Still, we’re excited to see what rumors we’ll hear about Kylie Jenner next.

Image Source: Instagram / kyliejenner