El truco del lápiz labial de Kylie

Kylie’s lipstick trick

Kylie Jenner’s lip makeup takes 40 minutes!

Did Kim Kardashian’s little sister Kylie Jenner have lip surgery or not? There was a lot of speculation about this before his official statement. At first it was said that behind the voluminous mega-mouth there was simply a special makeup technique. Meanwhile, there are even YouTube tutorials on how to put on the perfect “Kylie Jenner lips” yourself. Kylie’s brother-in-law talked about how long she sat at the dresser to paint her famous lips. And 40 minutes!

Kylie Jenner’s lips had grown fuller over the past year, completely changing her face. And, of course, the lips come from the beauty document! However, for a long time, Kylie tried to hide this by saying: “I almost always pout at photos. ‘Big Lips’ is great! I love painting my lips with lip liner “, and her sisters also confirmed that she was just a sophisticated makeup technique mango, in which the lips are first painted with lip liner and finally painted in a 3D style with various colors of lipstick.