Receta de pasta de Kylie

Kylie’s pasta recipe

Kylie's pasta recipe

A discussion about ramen noodle supplements broke out on Twitter. One user wrote that the Japanese have been promoting their noodles in the same way for decades, so everyone should stop the “Kylie Jenner Ramen” nonsense. Others wrote that the it girl would surely arrive soon Kylie noodles in addition to her lip kits. And others joked that the secret pasta recipe would surely make Kylie plump lips.

Kylie Jenner: makeup routine

One thing is for sure: we in the editorial team at Mä will be reviewing the recipe soon. Have you ever stained your Asian noodles with a special ingredient?

Unfortunately, ramen noodles are not particularly healthy – in most cases, there is a lot in prepared noodles. Flavor enhancers, Flour treatment agents, stabilizers, artificial flavors and preservatives.

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