Lady Gaga y su hermana son completamente diferentes

Lady Gaga and her sister are completely different

Lady Gaga and her sister are completely different

Fraternal love

wantedon 08/13/2014 | 10:48

Lady Gaga is a true family man. She always talks about how much she loves her parents and how much her father means to her. But the eccentric cheerleader also gets along with her sister Natali. Now Lady Gaga even showed a very private snapshot on her Instagram profile in which she poses with the 23-year-old. However, you will not find a crazy and unusual style like that of the older sister with Natali.

Lady Gaga shrill as always

Lady Gaga is associated with everything that is gaudy and somewhat eccentric and unconventional. Ordinary outfits and subtle looks are definitely not your thing. The 28-year-old recently appeared in Tokyo in a sheer mesh jumpsuit and blonde dreadlocks. Bushy dark brows and sparkling sequins all over her body made the look perfect. Her fans know and love Lady Gaga strangely. But the origin of this eccentric species remains a mystery.

His weakness for unusual style is not inherited. The “Born This Way” singer has now posted a photo on her Instagram profile that shows her and her younger sister Natali. Contrary to all expectations, the 23-year-old prefers the natural look and he can’t really get excited about his sister’s sassy behavior.

Lady Gaga and her sister

Lady Gaga as a new modern edition of the ancient Aphrodite

Lady Gaga and her sister look strikingly similar in terms of their facial features. But while Natali Germanotta is smiling at the camera with almost no makeup in the picture, her older sister was again wearing a lot of makeup. Her lips glow a deep red hue and even Amy Winehouse would have gone pale in front of the thick black eyeliner. Lady Gaga also wears a studded hat and a leather collar. She describes her look on Instagram as follows: “Aphrodite took a sip of love and went to the disco of the future.” Natali, however, avoids the limelight as much as she can. According to “OK!” Magazine, She has already appeared in the Lady Gaga clip for “Telephone”, otherwise she is quite reserved. Siblings can be so different.

Lady Gaga and Natali get along very well, despite their differences. It is good that the love between siblings is so strong that both stay together. Appearances should not be overestimated.

Image Source 1: Sam Yeh / Getty Images Image Source 2: Lady Gaga / Instagram