Fan de Lady Gaga mata a gato

Lady Gaga fan kills cat

Lady gagas The shows are cheeky, the artist is known for her provocative appearances, she also surprises with the display of blood. But that’s just art, not royal blood! An obviously mentally disturbed US girl did not understand this and, without further ado, euthanized her cat before a Lady Gaga concert in Oklahoma City and rubbed herself with the animal’s blood that way. OK! magazine reported. Lady Gaga is said to have reacted in horror when she learned of the incident. The girl was reportedly admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Not just her fans, Lady Gaga herself is causing a lot of outrage again. Strict Catholics are dismayed by their new song “Judas”, which is about the fact that she is in love with Judas, who is known to betray Jesus. Exaggerated criticism or can you understand the emotion?


Photo: Splashnews

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