Lady Gaga: primer perfume

Lady Gaga: first perfume

The time has finally come: the first images of Lady Gaga’s perfume “Fame“they are there. As is now known, the main floral notes are tiger orchid, jasmine, spicy honey and delicious fruits. Together, this results in an attention-grabbing perfume: the initially threatened components, sperm and blood, have likely dissolved into the air. Apparently, that was gagas PR gag.

“In fact, I wanted to create a fragrance just for women. But many of my gay friends wear perfume. “said the eccentric artist in an interview.

The strange thing about Lady Gaga’s “Fame” fragrance is that the perfume is black, “Like the soul of fame”, it is. The black liquid shouldn’t leave any stains on clothing, but it should immediately turn transparent when exposed to air. But neither Lady Gaga nor the manufacturers have published the first images of the star perfume “Fame”. In mid-June, images of the scent suddenly began to circulate on the internet. It is not yet clear where they come from.

More than a year ago, there was no talk of a black perfume, only unusual fragrance compositions. Lady Gaga initially had her own ideas for how her scent should smell: “The smell smells of a noble prostitute. When we created the fragrance, I wanted to capture the sensation of blood and sperm in the molecular structure. “ explained in a radio interview.

But luckily Lady Gaga has changed her mind!

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