Lady Gaga se metió en el perro

Lady Gaga got into the dog

Lady Gaga got into the dog

Not for the cat

wanted05/29/2015 | 14:00

It’s no secret that dogs have done it to him. And his fondness for (unusual) fashion is also well known. Lady Gaga’s new hit is therefore more than appropriate! Gaga wants to design dog fashion!

Lady Gaga travels the world with her little bulldog, China of course even the puppy always has a perfect styleAfter all, she has to be able to be with the eccentric singer. How fitting that the 29-year-old is now combining her two great loves. Because as Lady Gaga herself announced through Instagram, she will design a line of clothing for dogs! On behalf of her bulldog China, Lady Gaga made the big announcement that she was his creative dog fashion ideas soon to a whole line I want to process.

Lady Gaga wants to promote the dog-human relationshipIn the middle of the first sketches of the dog fashion line, Little China sits and looks at the camera as if she doesn’t even know what it is about; He certainly doesn’t know, after all, it’s his owner who wants to be creative. The singer obviously wants to pay special attention to quality in her line of dogs. Furthermore, he apparently plans to promote cohesion between dog and owner through his fashion. “My vision is to find a creative and functional way that brings pets and their owners closer together,” writes Lady Gaga on Instagram on behalf of her dog.

As for Lady Gaga, we are no longer surprised! A fashion line for dogs, why not? We can imagine that the singer will also be very successful with this, after all, her creativity is seemingly limitless!Image Source: Instagram / ladygaga

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