Lady Gaga tiene que recuperarse de una operación

Lady Gaga has to recover from an operation

Lady Gaga has to recover from an operation

Unpleasant surgery

wantedon 04/22/2014 | 16:39

Lady Gaga informs her fans via Twitter and leaves a disturbing impression: the 27-year-old looks sadly at the camera and writes that she can no longer eat. What’s going on with Lady Gaga and why is she so bad?

Lady Gaga looks forward to her tour

Lady Gaga always keeps her fans informed through social media. The cheerleader posted a photo of herself on Twitter, showing that she is not in good shape: Lady Gaga looks reasonably at the camera, she is not made up and snuggles with a huge stuffed monkey on her bed. But what happened? The 27-year-old writes the solution to the puzzle herself under her picture, which shows, lost in thought and sad: “The wisdom teeth came out before the tour. I can’t eat 🙁 I’ll throw some meatballs in the blender ”. Even a star like Lady Gaga has the same problems as other people and is not spared from pesky wisdom teeth. However, since it was a relatively small operation, the singer will surely recover quickly from the operation.

Lady Gaga needs to recover

Lady Gaga wants to score with sexy panties

Lady Gaga had her wisdom teeth removed before complications occurred during her concerts on the big world tour. A smart move, after all, otherwise you’d have to spend a few days in bed instead of getting ready for your show. As the singer recently announced on “Radio 1,” she would like to impress her fans on her tour with a glass stage that provides an even better view of her sexy stage outfits. Then she reported to the radio station: “I’m really looking forward to this huge and transparent stage. And yes, I do wear panties. I probably have more panties than other clothes with me. “ In a few days it begins for Lady Gaga: Her Florida tour begins on May 4 and will also take her to Germany for three concerts in October this year.

Lady Gaga is a bit nimble on her Twitter profile: Wisdom teeth removal is not pleasant, but it is by no means a serious procedure. The singer will recover well from the current pain and will soon be able to begin her concert series strengthened.

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