Lady Gaga de gira con PCD

Lady Gaga on tour with PCD

Lady Gaga on tour with PCD

With “Just Dance” Lady Gaga conquered the charts around the world. Now the singer arrives in Germany with the stage costumes that she designed herself and the striptease interludes for 3 concerts, as support for the Pussycat Dolls. What happens then, can the 02/10. in Frankfurt, on February 14 in Munich and on February 19 experience in Berlin before Lady Gaga she was allowed to appear on British television, by the way, she had to sign a contract that prohibited her from showing her breasts live on television! “I guess people believe it”the New Yorker commented on the dubious situation. But there should be no second “nipple gate”. Lady Gaga: “My ballerinas hold my breasts tight!”

His second single “Poker Face” will be released on February 27th.

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