Lady Gaga: propuesta de matrimonio romántica en su concierto

Lady Gaga: romantic marriage proposal at her concert

Lady Gaga: romantic marriage proposal at her concert

Marriage proposal

wantedon 10/25/2014 | 16:10

A marriage proposal is always something very special anyway, but Lady Gaga made sure at her concert in Manchester that her good friend and fan Jay Lomax could propose to her friend Sean Martins a truly unique proposal …

Lady Gaga is always good for a surprise. He also showed it on Tuesday night at his concert in Manchester. In the audience were his good friend and fan Jay Lomax and his partner Sean Martins. Jay Lomax and Lady Gaga had planned before the concert to surprise Sean Martins with a marriage proposal during the show. Then, as the celebrity portal “TMZ” reports, the successful singer asked the two of them to take the stage at his concert.

Lady Gagy made it possible for a friend to propose a special kind of marriage to her partner.

The plan worked: In front of a good 10,000 Lady Gaga fans, Jay Lomax asked his friend Sean Martins if he wanted to marry him. Sean Martins’ answer was lost to the cheers of the public, but the kiss of the two and Lady Gaga jumping for joy made it clear that the answer was “Yes”.

Lady Gaga: Jay Lomax and Sean Martins are huge fans

As he later reported to “TMZ,” Sean Martins had no idea of ​​the special type of marriage proposal, despite the fact that Lady Gaga and Jay Lomax had planned the proposal months in advance. He was only suspicious when his partner asked him not to drink so much alcohol during the concert. Lady Gaga and Jay Lomax meet because Jay’s uncle is the famous photographer Terry Richardson, with whom the pop singer has worked many times. Lady Gaga is known to have loved her fans. By making it possible for a good friend and fan to propose to her partner at a pop diva concert on stage, Lady Gaga has once again impressively demonstrated how important her fans are to her. Congratulations on being so close to the fans!

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